Sandra Kok

Strategic leader creating a sparkling life
by connecting personal & business identities.


… at the perfect place for change. Would you like to take your team to a higher level? A level in which everyone delivers value from his/her expertise. Every team member fulfills the role that fits like a glove. Resulting in a team with courage, leadership, identity, style and a team that shines and sparkles.

Then make that appointment right now.

My name is Sandra and I have been highly venturous all my life, working to get the sparkle in the other person’s eyes and am living my B.L.I.S.S. since 2010.

So take the first step to the next level and let your team be the difference.

Live your B.L.I.S.S.!

It all starts with you!

Do you recognize yourself in my words and are you ready to stand for your happiness and succes?

Are you ready for:

… knowing your true identity, the foundation of your life.

… delivering value that makes you and your employer/client happy.

… having a clear plan for the future, where business and private get the right amount of attention. Time for the next step in your life!

…. be a better leader to your team, in a way that everyone can add value and excel.

… living a meaningful life.

Stay true to yourself

On any one day, you can change the direction of your life

Jim Rohn

Live your B.L.I.S.S.


Sandra Kok

My expertise

Names & titles are just a label. It is not who you truly are. Open up to your true nature, your identity. Discover your uniqueness and create your strategy to make a success of your life and business.


Know & show who you are and not who you are trying to be. It makes life easy and fun.


A personal strategy that fits in with a business strategy brings out the best in both.

Business Modelling

Add value, it makes you happy. Bring it to the table to benefit most in work and life.


A personal mentor in business and in life to realize development and growth.

Client reviews

Wat is mijn waarom, waarom wilde ik verandering en wat heb ik te bieden in deze maatschappij. Deze zoektocht heb ik samen met Sandra Kok verder vorm gegeven met het Business Model Canvas. Goed om te herkennen dat zowel vanuit loondienstverband als vanuit zelfstandigheid je echt leert om jouw key partners, middelen en activiteiten in te zetten naar een waardepropositie voor jezelf. Vanuit jezelf kijken naar je omgeving, je mogelijkheden, je kennis en dit omvormen tot je eigen plan van aanpak.

Karin van den BergMarketingCreator
Nienke van BezooijenPresentation-Master

Aan het begin van mijn ondernemerschap heb ik een aantal coaching sessies bij Sandra gevolgd. Tijdens deze sessies hielp zij mij nadenken over mijn sterke en zwakke kanten en deed dit op creatieve manieren. Door haar veelzijdigheid is zij in staat om die facetten van haar business in te schakelen om het beste in je naar boven te halen en je daar aan te blijven herinneren.

Ineke Swart-den BoerInique4U

Sandra heeft voor NIKKI twee coaching sessies gedaan. Sandra heeft zich goed ingelezen en voelde erg sterk aan waar ik naartoe wil met NIKKI. Dit heeft zij naar mijn team en gasten erg sterk vertaald. Het resultaat van deze sessies zijn beter dan ik had verwacht.

Peter KleijnHoreca-ondernemer

Younique Move Week

1 week, 4 trainers, a beautiful location and you!

The Younique Move Week is a unique expedition from question mark to exclamation mark. The M.O.V.E. method we developed includes all aspects that are crucial to shaping your life with a future-proof plan that suits you. Both in business & personal life.

The M.O.V.E. program is aimed at you as a participant. The basics are fixed, the details are to be decided based on the wishes of all participants after arrival at the location. The groups are small, which means we can also give sufficient individual attention. Success guaranteed.

Do you want to know more about the Younique Move Week, sign up for one of the free online meetings where we provide detailed information about the program and the location. There is also room to answer everyone’s questions.

Are you ready to open the door to your future?