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Reading, I love it. I regularly read and review books for These are books that I work with in one way or another or whose ideas I apply in my work. I have made an overview of these and other inspiring books with a link, so that you can also easily order the book.

The best place for professional literature has an extensive range of professional literature for everyone. The service is great, both for me as a reviewer and for me as a client. Below my personal tips.

The best book site for managers!

Find your Why

The book Find your Why helps you discover your Why in a practical way. It is a workbook based on Simon Sinek’s Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why.

I have read and reviewed the English version of the book. The review (in Dutch) can be read on ManagementBook.

Business Models for Teams

Business Models voor Teams is a book that builds a bridge between Business Model Generation and Business Model You. A bridge that I myself (perhaps other consultants and users recognize) created on the basis of the existing books already mentioned. Now only further elaborated and equipped with useful tools.

I have read and reviewed the English version of the book. The review can be read on ManagementBook.

Can it fly?

A book (only available in Dutch) loaded with tips & tricks for start-ups. Everyone entrepreneur can benefit from the tips, but foremost the entrepreneurs with the desire to expand.

Stories, very useful tips and check lists, it has it all. At the end of each chapter of the book Can it Fly is a summary. You can read my book review on ManagementBoek.

Design Better Business

A start-up, innovate a current business….these are 2 of the options that can be facilitated with the book Design Better Business.

No thick book, but a way to visualize, experiment, validate and much more. It has become my standard way of working since I followed the Masterclass Business Model Innovation heb gevolgd.

Together is Better

In the book Together is Better a beautiful, inspiring metaphor is laid to company cultures. Simon Sinek uses many open doors in this book. Because of the narrative notation it will also open many eyes.

For anyone who thinks he is a leader, a leader ‘is’ or wants to become a leader, it is an absolute must to read.


50 Revenue Models is a book (in Dutch) for anyone who wants to increase their income. Jeanet Bathoorn and Petra Luliano mainly focus on entrepreneurs, but there are also revenue models that are useful to everyone.

The book reads easily and the examples are well applicable. And finally you do not get 50, but 55 earnings models to use. A nice bonus from the writers.


The first impression I had of the book Program Canvas before reading the book (only in Dutch) was that it was very similar to the Business Model Canvas. And that’s true when you read that the writers are inspired by both the Business Model Canvas and the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek.
The Program Canvas (book, maps and posters) is a good addition to the list and is a handy tool for program and project managers. It provides a clear overview of the program or project and is certainly also practical for stakeholders.


As an entrepreneur, I am busy with recognizing chances and opportunities every day. It requires creativity, thinking differently. The title Outside the lines of Ken Robinson gave me the idea that it is connected to what I do. It was something different than expected, meaning the first chapter was tough. But after that, I was pleasantly surprised and brought me new insights.


A booklet that you show how a happy jerk lives, acts and does. With a positive attitude to life they can handle the whole world. They avoid negative things, it’s all about positive psychology.

That sex occurs at work actually knows everyone. Ria Harmelink tells in Sex at work about the different ways in which men and women deal with this. What do men and women find important, what are they looking for?


Value Proposition Design is a wonderful addition to Alexander Osterwalder’s earlier books ‘Business Model Generation’ and ‘Business Model You’. Highly recommended to better tailor your company, product or service to the customer’s wishes!


In Human2Human (Dutch only) by Daniëlle de Jonge, it’s all about attention, real attention! The world has changed, people want to be appreciated, even when it’s about selling. Maybe even when selling. You will recognize things, both aspects that you do well and points of improvement. And yes, it will also happen that you think ‘is it so simple?’, So yes!


In Business Model You by Tim Clark in collaboration with Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur and Patrick van der Pijl you will become acquainted with the Canvas business model. It teaches you on the basis of different practical cases how you can reflect on yourself, your life and your career. You will also learn how to determine your personal career goal, and what steps you can take to actually achieve this goal. This model ensures that you can reinvent your career on a single page.


As a consultant you will see the many different companies of your clients in addition to your own agency. These same companies meet in their markets young companies that want to compete with a totally different business model. In order to better understand my client and his ‘new’ competitors, it seemed very relevant to me to gain more insight into the business models that lie behind companies. That is why I chose Business Model Generation from Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.


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