Sandra: I see who you really are and help you make it visible

In 2010 I made a conscious choice to start my own agency. The reason? Freedom! I always knew a standard job wasn’t right for me. Nevertheless I ignored my heart trying to fit in for many years. This affected my health, friendships, relationships, in short, my whole life, resulting in the end in a burnout. After 25 years of being employed, I chose to stand at the helm myself, to define my own strategy instead of someone else. Nowadays I have the freedom to choose with whom, where and when I like to work. And I love it! Tip: also read my story at

By being open for new chances and opportunities I have created multiple income streams. It gives me the freedom to use my talents and gifts the best way possible in helping others to reach their next level.

Currently I am mentor and coach of ambitious men & women of 40-45 years old and work with them towards their own success. Development, making choices and determining a strategy. B.L.I.S.S. is always my indicator and funfactor.

My core values

Personal: Authentic – Balance – Freedom – Challenge – Open
Business: Versatile – Essence – Connector – Creative – Communicative

Live your dreams, don’t dream your life

MIJN BEDRIJF is all about You!

Everyone has special talents & gifts and would love to use them. You are also the most valuable for an employer or client when doing so. Leadership and management can only be executed successfully when you are the leader of your own life. Get clear what your motives are and realize what value you bring with you, makes you live and work from your heart. Profiling yourself, something we have been doing since childhood, becomes much easier.

B.L.I.S.S. stands for

  • Bold – do not walk the beaten track, create your own path. Show guts!
  • Lead– make choices from your heart and plan your own plan and thereby inspire others.
  • ID – show who you are in essence and use your own strength. Discover your true identity and everything you undertake in your work and private life is a lot smoother.
  • Solid – a solid foundation brings you in flow and kick-starts every change!
  • Style – show your trademark, exclusive features that shape your life in your way, business and personal.

Everyone wants a successful life, personal and in business, after all!

I believe I have the best job there is!


Acquarius of February 6, 1966 | Follows her heart | Uses her common sense (mostly) | Sensing person | Hates lying, pointing fingers and dishonesty | Animal lover | Creative | Chances & opportunities | Quick switcher | Solution-oriented | Loves to travel | Loves sports | Reads & Reviews | Keeps developing herself | Can be lazy | Drinks green tea & bubbles | Challenge seeker | Has many dreams | Doesn’t fit in a ‘box’

Through my years of experience in many branches of business I can easily switch on strategic, tactical and practical level and also know that you perform best when you do what suits you. Live your B.L.I.S.S.!

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Cino Konijn

From the moment I wake up, I can not wait until Sandra is there. She takes good care of me and challenges me. I like her too, because I do not like boxes, just like her. When I find that I do not get enough attention, I pull the bell. I get the attention that I need at that moment to move ahead. In return, I make sure Sandra takes time away from her work. She too needs time to recharge and unwind. Together we make it a success! I have been sweet enough for now. Sandra, it’s time for a cookie!

Others have seen what is and asked Why. 
I have seen what could be and asked Why not

Pablo Picasso


Welcome to your life. A life full of challenges, over and over again.
Take the challenge. Grasp it with both hands. Embrace life.

Dream and share your dreams. Everyone has dreams, pursue them and make them true.
Do not dream your life, live your dreams!

Jump! Just do it, go for it.
Do not let your mind control your heart.

Make mistakes. Who makes mistakes grows. It is a crucial part of life.
Do not let someone tell you that you can not make mistakes.
Stumble and fall and get up once more. Continue and grow.

You carry experiences with you your whole life. Go out. Do fantastic things.
Experience the most beautiful adventures and live as if tomorrow does not exist.
Do something new every day. Live life to the max.

You are not alone, there are 7 billion people around you. Meet like-minded people.
Make new friends, work together. Help each other to move forward.

Communicate in many ways. Talk and listen. Inspire and appreciate.
Look and see what is happening around you. Trust yourself, your intuition.

Success is there for everyone, big and small. Recognize success and celebrate your successes.
Drink champagne. Enjoy. Dance, sing and admire.

Be free. Free to choose with whom you want to share your life, at home and at work.
Choose when you want to work and where. Design your life your way.

Enjoy the freedom you create. Freedom is in your heart and in your head.
Freedom gives you wings and energy. Pass it on.

Start now. Do not wait any longer. Take the lead in your life.
Kick yourself in the but and get started.
Just do it. Trying doesn’t exist, you do it or you don’t.
There is no middle way, go for it.

Trust your feelings. Believe in yourself. Go for your happiness and success.

It’s all about You!

Magic happens outside your comfort zone