Life leadership

a life full of success

For the 45+ ambitious professional, for you!

We are stepping into a new area. An era that requires different skills and talents. It needs new leaders, authentic leaders with a personal touch. Working on strategic goals and personal challenges and applying them in a practical way are topics that are high on the agenda.

Many programs and organizations are focusing on what the company needs. Are you seeking to develop yourself or is your company seeking new ways to develop leaders? What if you start on the identity level and work from in side out.

Making impact

You! Consultancy is the solution to become more connected with yourself, your team and clients. Achieving better results, more ownership and maximal benefits of skills and talent. Creating more impact for all people involved.

Are you a 45+ ambitious professional and ready to set a new standard for your skills, talents and life. Is it your goal to have business and personal life more aligned? Is it time to make impact your way?! Time to find satisfaction, fun and a challenge in all aspects of life.


Who are you really?

You will probably think ‘yeah right, I already know that’ in reply to the heading. Did you know that many people are forcing themselves in too many adjustments to become what someone else is expecting them to be. And this is quite exhausting.

By discovering your true identity your life will be yours again!

Why trying to fit it, you are born to stand out!


The red thread in your life.

Creating a personal strategy gives you an instant view of your developing areas and the path to realize personal growth. You can re-shape it when needed at any time.

New leadership has a business and personal side. It requires different competencies and qualities. Taking steps efficiently and effectively to a next level.

You never walk alone on the road to success.

Business Modelling

A different way of looking at yourself and/or your team.

Inspire others and yourself with added value as a starting point. Everyone benefits from added value. It makes a person or a team more alert, stronger and more complete. Teams become more self-managing and team members take ownership.

The group dynamics set a flywheel in motion with a 360 degree effect. Every member, the leader included, has his/her own role within the group with a personal focus and a common goal.


Long term, development driven.

You have been working for a number of years and you feel that you are at a crossroads. What’s next?

You are a 45+ venturous woman or man and yet something is constantly gnawing. You want to lose that turmoil and be true to yourself. For now and for the rest of your life and carreer.

Time to take a closer look at yourself. Live your B.L.I.S.S.!